Thiet Lap Co., Ltd. has been operating this business on manufacturing and trading wheat since 2005. Our manufacturing facilities built up area, consisting of 64,000m2, are located in Vinh Long at Lot A3, Hoa Phu Industrial Zone, Long Ho district, Vinh Long Province, Vietnam.

Site construction started in the year 2005; finally the factory was officially launched in Aug. 2008. With modern technology, our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing 240MT a day. This positioned Thiet Lap Co., Ltd. the largest wheat processing factory in Mekong Delta region and also among the tenth 500 fastest development SME nation-wide in fast in 2012 (sourced:


Products and Application:

Wheat Flour:

  • High-End Bread like Sandwich, Baguette and French Breads, Breads, Sweet Buns, Biscuits and Pizza…
  • Steam Buns, Wanton Noodles and Wanton Dumplings…
  • Wheat Flour for Vegetarian Gluten
  • Wheat Flours for Aqua Feed and Animal Feed formulation

Wheat Bran:

  • for  Aqua Feed and Animal Feed Formulation


Quality Commitment:

We are committed to produce the highest standards in both Quality Control and Quality Assurances, complying with both local and export demands. These commitments were reinforced by both our quality control system ISO 9001-2008 and HACCP certifications.


Quality Control / R & D and Test Baking Equipment:

Beside imported Raw Processing materials (Wheat) from Australia, USA, Canada… the company has invested the following state-of-the-art laboratory equipment;

- From EU, 2 modern Flour Dough Laboratory simulation equipment, the Farinograph &   Extensograph of Brabender (Germany),

- Moisture analyzer, Laboratory mill, Sieve shaker, Glutenmatic Washing System, Infraneo of Chopin (France)…


Our Vision & Mission:

With our dynamic and industrious staff, Thiet Lap Co., Ltd. is available for highest requirements from customers. We always try to become the preferred company that is, “one of the best choices for quality and service in Mekong Delta”.


Our vision slogan "Establish Prestige – Accomplish Trust", our company always appreciate sustainable values. Let us share our part in the enhancement of nutrition and health for everyone.

We thank and wish you a healthy life.